Configure Licensing Ports using Citrix Licensing Manager

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Configure Licensing Ports using Citrix Licensing Manager

With the latest edition of XenDesktop & XenApp 7.16 comes a new way in which we can change the ports used by Citrix Licensing Server.

In previously releases you would have done this by using Licensing Administration Console;




















If you were using this method you would need to restart the services after completion manually. Otherwise the change did not would be enforced.

So with the new functionality, Citrix Licensing Manager allows changing:

  • License Server Port
  • Web Services for Licensing Port
  • Vendor Daemon Port

One of the major things is that you dont have to think about restarting the services. This is done automatically in the background.

So let see how we can do this.

Step 1

Logging in to the Citrix Licensing Manager










In the top right corner select the settings button.

You can see that this new version is broken into 2 Tabs. (Server Configuration & Usage and Statistics).



Step 2

Select the “Server Configuration Tab”

So lets change the Vendor Demon Port to a different one.








Select the Port you want to change by clicking on the pencil. Now you can change this in



And click on save to apply.

The system will check if the port is not being used, and in the background the appropriate service will be restarted.

If you were to change the Web Services for Licensing Port you will get an extra warning.





Supplemental grace period

For the supplemental grace period to be available, you must use a minimum of XenApp 7.6 or XenDesktop 7.6.

If all licenses are in use, supplemental grace period enables unlimited connections to a product, allowing you to understand and address the issue. This period lasts until 15 days elapses or you install more retail licenses, whichever comes first. We recommend that after the supplemental grace period starts, you allow it to run out rather than adding licenses immediately to clear the warning condition.

After the period expires, normal connection limits are enforced. Users are not disconnected, but as they disconnect, no new connections can occur until license levels return to normal.

Once the supplemental grace period completes, it isn’t automatically reenabled. To reenable the supplemental grace period, install another retail license, and then normal license limits are enforced. When you reeneable the supplemental grace period by installing the new retail license, a new 15-day supplemental grace period starts the next time you exceed maximum installed licenses.

Supplemental grace periods are granted per product version and edition and only for retail licenses.

The supplemental grace period is enabled by default when you first install licenses.

In previous versions you would have done this by editing the CITRIX.OPT file; like this and restarting the Citrix Licensing Services








In the new version of Citrix Licensing Manager you can do this using the interface.





If click “off” you wil get a warning