RES ONE Workspace v10

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RES ONE Workspace v10

This week on 20th march Res Software released their latest edition of the Res ONE Enterprise Suite. Previously known as RES ONE Suite will now be renamed to RES ONE Enterprise to reflect the products’ ongoing transformation into a platform for customers that use multiple RES products to create, automate and secure their environment.


  • RES ONE Workspace (ROW)
  • RES ONE Automation (ROA)
  • RES ONE Identity Director(ROID) –> Previously RES ONE Service Store
  • RES ONE Reporting (ROR)
  • RES ONE Identity Broker

Another change at this point is that the years will no longer be used to identify the product versions. Instead RES Software will follow a standard numerical versioning scheme.  For example version 10.x.x (Major, Minor, Revision)

I will try to mention new functionality throw-out separate blog posts. But i am now going to start with RES ONE Workspace v10

Once downloaded the RES One upgrade from the site you can start with the upgrade.

Select and install the right components:














Accept all of the following:









After the upgrade start up the console to see if everything was okay…

You can also see that a lot of DLL’s are updated with this release.

Mostly all off the drivers will be updated:

  • AppGuard
  • ImgGuard
  • NetGuard
  • RegGuard













New Features

Management Portal

As RES Software is gradual taking stuff from the Windows Console and moving them to a Web Based Management Portal, with the release of ROW v10 this is now introduced. And with every next release functionality will be available in the Management Portal.

For this release the focus is on “Diagnostic Node”

Following was migrated to the Web Console:

  • Workspace Analysis
  • User Analysis
  • Audit Logs
  • Event logs
  • Workspace Model Overview






























Linux & Mac Enhanced Support

In RES ONE Workspace v10 there is more configuration possibility for Linux and Apple Mac OSX Agents.


  • Basic Workspace Containers
  • Authorize and manage blocked files within the Console
  • Set agent to Automatic/Manual from Console
  • Inherit Relay Server setting support
  • Security logging supported.


RES Identity Broker


The Identity Broker is a web application that acts as a “broker” for authentication, between RES portals and their configured Identity Provider: it can process authentication requests by means of external authentication endpoints.

The Identity Broker communicates with the portals using the standard OpenID Connect protocol.


  • This is a new component within the RES ONE Enterprise installer.
  • Allows single-sign-on across RES products
  • Optional for RES main product components
  • Mandatory for RES Reporting








RES Reporting

Reporting Services is an (open) Web service that allows the retrieval of Usage Tracking data from the Datastore. The Usage Tracking feature is available in the Delegation and Compliance module of RES ONE Workspace.



















Splash Screen updates:

With the new version there is a splash screen update.










Windows 10 Updates

With this release the following Windows 10 enhancements where made:

  • Windows 10 Bug fixes
  • Better Taksbar “Pinning” and “Stacking”
  • Better start menu management


Windows Server 2016 support

Res ONE Workspace is now compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2016

  • Composition support
  • Remote Desktop Services support
  • Console support
  • Location and Device support
  • Relay Server support

VMware Horizon 7 Blast Extreme support

With this new feature, RES VDX Integration with RES VDX version or higher now supports sessions using the VMware Blast Extreme protocol. Also, at Locations and Devices, the new value VMware Blast Extreme can be selected as a protocol when configuring a Session type rule.