What’s New With Citrix Director 7.12

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What’s New With Citrix Director 7.12

This blog is intended to focus on the new features of XenApp/XenDesktop 7.12  and then primarily for Citrix Director.

Directory History.

In previously version “Citrix Enterprise License” you could select a maximum up to “7 Days” when creating reports in the Trends View Tab in Director.

With the new version 7.12 now it is possible to extend this up to “Last Month”










So if we break this down in a table you will find the following chances.

Product License Version Maximum Time Period
XenDesktop Platinum 1 Year
XenDesktop Enterprise 1 Month
XenDesktop VDI Edition 7 Days
XenApp Platinum 1 Year
XenApp Enterprise 1 Month
XenApp Advanced 7 Days
XenApp Secure Browser 7 Days


Custom Report in Trends View.

In the latest version of Citrix Director 7.12 we now have the availability to create custom reports. This was previously only possible to write OData queries and extract this.

Just select the Custom Report tab. Select the radio button, and then one of the following options:

  • Applications Instances
  • Connections
  • Machines
  • Sessions

In the bottom of the page there is also a Preview option…








This feature is only available for XenApp/XenDesktop Platinum.

Failure Reason Improved.

From XenApp/XenDesktop 7.12 the so called “Failure Reason” is improved

So when you use the filter option, and use any of the options.








The reason fo failure is now clickable… . And you wil get a user-friendly description, also the Recommended Actions is clickable.  Nice improvement…..



SNMP Traps.

Citrix Director now integrates Director Alert Policy notifications with SNMP. We can configure a Alert Policy to send an SNMP trap message when the alert is generated. The SNMP trap message is the forwarded to the SNMP Listener. Current version only supports one listener.










Configuration of this is done with using PowerShell on a Delivery Controller.