What is new in Citrix Provisioning Services 7.11

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What is new in Citrix Provisioning Services 7.11

Provisioning Services 7.11 has a few but important new features


SQL Always On Multi-Subnet Failover

This is crucial for disaster recovery and resiliency for large corporate environments.

In order to support SQL Server Always-On multi Subnet failover the so called SQLAPI++ library has to be upgraded and changed to use ODBC interface. This change is transparent but if you want to enable this new feature this will be by a configuration setting during the initial configuration of the PVS Server


Also the MS native client is installed by default.


Tracing Enhancements

Problem reporting allows PVS administrators to automatically collect PVS and configuration data across multiple PVS Servers and store that data locally or upload it to Citrix Insight Services (CIS). In earlier releases an admin had to manually collect this data and summit this to Citrix. See my other blog article on this subject.

In this new release of 7.11 so called “Always on Tracing” is being introduced into PVS. During the configuration wizard you will be displayed with a new window window in which you can fill in your Citrix username and password. If entered the credentials will be passed to the Telemetry Service to generate a token. The token is then encrypted and stored in the database. So no credentials are saved locally.


You can also change this afterwards in the Farm Properties



An action button “Report a Problem” is added to the Site and Server Objects.



The administrator can choose to upload a problem report or generate a file locally to manually upload to Citrix Insight Services (CIS)



If the local option is selected you have to choose an network folder where the bundle can be saved



Then you will be prompted with a summary of the problem in which you can optionally include the “Support Service Request” number, if a case already excist.

When you click on the finish tab. The Soap Service will process the report.

In addition to this there is also a new tab added to the server properties. This tabs shows you the latest report.



Always On Tracing.

So as told earlier “Always On Tracing” is enabled by default. This means;

  • Constantly collect logs.
  • Upload to CIS page where the logs will be parsed and viewable to users.
  • To see live CDFControl logs you must have a special file.


Server 2016 Support

Citrix PVS 7.11 supports both Windows 2016 as a server and target platform.


Other things to that is supported:

Support of Secure Boot in VMM 2016

You will have to use the Microsoft UEFI Cert Auth


PVS XenDesktop Set Up Wizard will default to this cert when secure boot is enabled in the template. But keep notice this is not supported by XenDesktop yet.

So if you want to deploy XenDesktop keep secure boot disabled in the template.

Server 2016 support – ReFS v2 support for PVS store

In addition the new Resilient File Syste. Resilient File System is now the preferred data volume for Windows Server 2016.


This can only be used for the PVS disk store.

When used merging a base vDisk for example with multiple versions could be decreased from minutes to seconds…