Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.5 What’s new

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Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.5 What’s new

Receiver 4.5 was released to align with the release of XenApp/XenDesktop 7.11

So let take a look at some enhancements.

SSON Configuration Checker

Normally it is rather complex to configure SSON and to check if it is configured correctly. Therefore Citrix has introduced SSON Configuration Checker which is available in the advanced settings.












When you click on the “Configuration Checker” you will see the following screen.















Configuration Checker is only available when the receiver was installed with admin rights

As you can see it is the only provider which can be selected.

The following test will be run;

  • Validate if SSON Binaries are installed
  • Validate if the Receiver’s Configuration allows user’s desktop logon credentials to be re-used for single sign on
  • Validate if PNSSON is registered (Check the Network Provider order)
  • Validate is SSONSvr is running
  • Validate if Automatic logon with Username and Password is enabled in Trusted Zone
  • Validate if SF Url is added in Trusted Zone
  • Validate if SSON Policies are enabled or left unconfigured.

Settings Option.


Citrix Receiver 3.4 had an option where users could enable and disable application shortcuts and workspace control settings. This option was not available in Citrix Receiver 4.x. but was provided via an GPO or registry settings. This was not ideal for situations with Non-domain joined clients. So finally the long awaited feature is back.











When you click Settings Options in the advanced Preferences menu. You then will have 2 tabs.


















Admins can also disable this Setting Option. This can be done with GPO/CLI settings

Settings are stored in the respective registry entries

GPO –> HKLMSoftwarePoliciesCitrixDisableSettings

CLI –> HKLMSoftwarePoliciesCitrixDisableSetting


1 – Disable Shortcuts Tab

2 – Disable Workspace Tab

3 – Disable Entire UI


Unified ADMX file.

In previous versions we had multiple admx or adm files for the Receiver policy.

  • Ica-file-signing.admx
  • admx
  • HdxFlash-Client.admx
  • cdmx

These are now combined in the new Receiver.amdx file.

You can the file in the following location;

C:/program files (x86)/Citrix/ICA client/Configuration. The ADML files can be found in the language folder in this same directory.


Configuration NetScaler URL

With Citrix Receiver 4.5 we will be able to configure the NetScaler URL via GPO or during installation, similar to StoreFront URL.

Take in account when configuring the NetScaler URL you must use the following format;

https:/gateway.universe.local#TestStore (Storename after the hash mark)

There are some limitations regarding this feature:

  • NetScaler URL should be listed first in the Receiver policy setting and then followed by StoreFront URL’s;
  • Multiple NetScaler URL are not supported;
  • If you change the NetScaler URL you need to reset the Receiver.