RES One Workspace 2015 SR1 Whats new

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RES One Workspace 2015 SR1 Whats new

Last week Res Software released SR1 for One Workspace 2015. I would like to go into some details of this release.

Although the upgrade is pretty straightforward. I would like to share some Screen captures, following with some details on the new features

After downloading the RES One Workspace 2015 SR1 from success center


Start with the installation.















Click on Next to continue with the upgrade.















At this point I am not extracting the components. But this could be a for instance  if you want to upgrade the Res One 2015  Agent separately





























First the Relay Server component will be upgraded to the latest version























































Before the upgrade will commence, a screen will be presented which is the current version of the product now installed














During the upgrade you will see the status of the components being upgraded.














Because there are some drivers that where updated, a reboot is required.

After this we will start upgrading the Res One Workspace Console












So let’s see what are the new improvements and features with this release. Off course there are a lot of enhancements. I will try to show the most important in my opinion.


Driver Updates

First of all the following drivers are updated;

  • AppGuard
  • ImgGuard
  • NetGuard
  • RegGuard


Microsoft Windows 10 compatibility







RES ONE Workspace is now compatible with both x86 and x64 versions of Microsoft Windows 10

Changes have, among others, been implemented in Zone rules, Agent overview, and application shortcuts and tiles to achieve this.

Please note that RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR1 does not yet include support for Microsoft Office 2016.


User Settings: New templates for Microsoft Windows 10

User Settings templates provide a good starting point when configuring global User Settings or when configuring User Settings for an application.

New templates have been added for Microsoft Windows 10:







Enhanced application security capabilities for Mac & Linux

This enables cross-platform application security and increased infrastructure visibility to improve risk mitigation and maximize workforce productivity. In parallel, this new release also gives IT more visibility in the workspace to help make more informed infrastructure decisions.

Plaatje 1



Plaatje 2






Agents can be downloaded from the Succes-Center portal.

Plaatje 3





Access Control: Date and Time as new principle

A new principle in Access Control has been introduced for managed applications and all other objects. In addition to Access Control based on Identity (who) and Locations and Devices (where and what), it is now also possible to base Access Control on Date and Time (when).

With this new principle, you can schedule ahead of time when configurations or objects become available or unavailable.













It is now possible to Turn of the Screensaver

















Enhanced performance when new Agent connects to a Relay Server, A new Agent that connects to a Relay Server now generates fewer transactions to register itself in the Datastore. This decreases the load on the Relay Server.


Website Security

Website Security now also support Microsoft Edge, therefore as previously mentioned the RESNLFT driver is also updated.


Lockdown and Behaviour

New option “Hide “Pin to Start Menu” in Workspace Preferences”

If this option is selected, in a user session, when opening the Workspace Preferences, the Pin to Start Menu tab is not visible.

















Microsoft System Center

When adding Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager software distributions, it is now possible to deploy applications in the user workspace outside the maintenance window that was specified on the Microsoft System Center Configuration Management Server for the Device Collection. Please note that this is only possible when adding a software distribution for deployment of applications.

The new option Allow action outside maintenance window (on the Properties tab of the software distribution) is useful for software distributions that should run when a session or application starts regardless of the configured maintenance window (in Microsoft SCCM).
Please note that this option is not included in the Instant Report.

Software distributions that should run when a session starts can be added at Composition > Actions By Type > Microsoft ConfigMgr, on the Distributions tab. If they should run when an application starts, the software distributions can be added at Composition > Applications, on the Configuration > Actions tab of the application.

When upgrading to RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR1, for existing Microsoft ConfigMgr software distributions deploying applications, the option Allow action outside maintenance window is not selected. For newly added software distributions to deploy applications, the new option will be selected by default.



Relay Server Enhancements 

Default certificate key length increased to 1024

The default certificate key length for Relay Servers has been increased to 1024. Previously, the default key length was 512.

A key length of at least 1024 is necessary when running RES ONE Workspace sessions on Microsoft Windows 10. On Microsoft Windows 8 / 8.1 / 2012 (R2) and earlier, a key length of 512 suffices. Note.. For this enhancement to work correctly, Relay Server 2015 SR1 or higher must be installed.


Improved performance by reducing disk I/O

The performance of Relay Servers has been improved by reducing the number of disk I/O operations.


Improved performance when using Usage Tracking

When using Relay Servers in combination with the feature Usage Tracking, then the performance of saving Usage Tracking data in the Datastore has been improved.