Updating to RES One Automation 2015

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Updating to RES One Automation 2015

Since 28th of July the latest version of RES One Automation is available. I am updating this in my homelab. And would like to share the steps and some first impressions.

First you need to download the lastest version from the “SuccesCenter”

After download start the installation or upgrade. In this blog we will continue with the upgrade.



Select Next to continue


Accept the license agreement, and continue with the upgrade, click on next


If all goes well the correct information is presented. Click on next to continu.



Click on upgrade


Accept this notification and select yes


Several database changes have been made to improve the performance of the Job History. Because of these database changes, the upgrade process of RES ONE Automation 2015 takes a bit longer than in previous versions. We therefore recommended to perform the upgrade during a quiet period, because all Consoles and Dispatchers will be taken offline during the upgrade.

In previous versions, upgrading an environment was an automatic process: When launching the installation package, all Consoles and Dispatchers were taken offline, after which the environment was upgraded and the Consoles and Dispatchers came online again. This process has slightly changed: During the upgrade process, the Upgrade Wizard now includes an additional step that shows the names of the Consoles and Dispatchers and their online/offline status. The upgrade process will pause at this step until all Consoles and Dispatchers are offline.


Select next


Click on next



What is new:


Command Bar. RES ONE Automation 2015 introduces the command bar. The command bar features an easy accessible button bar that is visible throughout the Console, below the menu bar. It contains the most frequently used functions and features.


Redesign of Console. To improve the usability of the Console and the RES ONE Automation features, the Console has been restructured and various features have been renamed. The new structure of the Console reflects the logical grouping of features into their main area of effect. The Console is now divided into the following sections










New Platforms:


  • RES ONE Automation now also supports the following Operating System for Agents running Mac OS X:
    • Apple Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
    • Apple Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • RES ONE Automation now also supports Microsoft Windows 10.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 7.0 (x64)
  • Sun Solaris 11 for SPARC (Update 1 and higher


Version Control

RES ONE Automation introduces Version Control. With Version Control, it becomes possible to have better auditability and change control in RES ONE Automation through versioning: Modules, Projects, Run Books and Resources are now stored with a version number. This allows you to track these objects as they are changed


Global Password Security Policy

RES ONE Automation 2015 introduces a Global Password Security Policy for login accounts using RES ONE Automation Authentication. This increases the security for these accounts.

  • The Password Security Policy can only be configured at global level.
  • Administrators can choose to not apply the global Password Security Policy for individual login accounts.
  • Administrators can unlock the locked accounts.
  • Users can change their own password.



Connector Licenses

In RES Automation Manager 2014, a new licensing model was introduced, in which connectors no longer need to be licensed. The connector functionality has now become obsolete in environments using the new licensing model and the connector licenses are freed up. To accompany this change all references to connectors have now been removed from the RES ONE Automation Console

Old situation:




New Tasks 

There are some new tasks available. But in the future it is possible to install vendor AM packs separately. This future will be available in August and is embedded in the product now.RES_AM22