Changing and Customizing Portal Themes in NetScaler 11 Unified Gateway

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Changing and Customizing Portal Themes in NetScaler 11 Unified Gateway

With the latest release of NetScaler 11 it is possible to customize with the GUI and no need to use WinSCP for this any more. Also it is possible to use multiple themes and bind them to separate Gateways. Which is a nice option an feature for larger companies with multiple department or sites.

In a few steps I would like to show you how this is done. I will be using my NetScaler in my HomeLab.

The idea is to change the NetScaler logon page with StoreFront 3 look…

So first step is to log into your NetScaler 11 console

Make sure you have a backup of the config before proceeding with customization

Select the Following nodes

NetScaler Gateway –> Portal Themes and click on Add to continue



Give the new custom portal theme a name which that corresponds with the look you want to build. In my example I want to use the StoreFront 3 look so this is how I an going to name the Theme. We can also select a default template theme. At this moment we are going to use “GreenBubble”



Click on “OK” to continue

At this point you will get al page with all kinds of logo’s and color settings.



So what we want to do is to use the background from a StoreFront 3 server. Make a directory on your client in which you place all of the customization files before going any further.

I made a directory on my management server. From this server I do all of my management tasks in my HomeLab.

Next step is to browse to one of your StoreFront Servers and copy the file which is used for the background.


Place this file with other files in your created directory.



At this point we can go back to the NetScaler console.

Click on “Change Background Image” and select the browse button. Browse to the file in your folder.


Next step is to change the “form factor background color”



Replace this with “rgba(63,54,67,0,8)

Click on “OK” to continue



After files are being uploaded to the NetScaler. Select “Click to bind and view configured theme”


Select the Gateway Virtual Server and click on Preview.


So we started out with the following look.


And after our customisation now it looks like this.


As we can see the NetScaler Unified Gateway logo is still on the page. Next step is to change this also

Go back to NetScaler Console

Select NetScaler Gateway à Portal Themes.


Select the Center Logo option and changes this in you own company logo


And click on “OK” to continue


After changing the Logo the login page looks like this.

Or we can do something like this.



In my opinion this is a well added feature of and hopefully Citrix will bring out the StoreFront 3 Theme pack as an add-on.